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'Skinny repeal' rejected in big blow for Trump

30 July 2017

Several said they would only vote for the so-called skinny repeal on the condition that the House never take it up and it never becomes law.

Still, it wasn't too long ago that health care talks seemed to be dead in the House of Representatives, only for them to resume.

That's certainly what it sounded like when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said following the failed health care vote on Friday, "Now, Mr. President, it's time to move on". It reportedly would repeal the ACA's individual and employer mandates, along with its medical device tax.

In an impromptu press conference held Thursday evening, Sen.

The vote was always going to be close after Senate Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski signalled they would oppose the measure.

What he didn't do, however, was rule out eventually passing a "skinny repeal" bill if the conference committee fails to produce anything that can pass the Senate. A conference report on a reconciliation bill (which the final health legislation would constitute) receives only ten hours of debate and - most important - is not open for amendment. As I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode, then deal.

Senator John McCain is calling on the Senate to "start fresh" on health care after he cast the decisive vote killing the GOP's "Obamacare" repeal effort.

The final vote in the Senate was 49 voting for repeal and 51 against, maintaining Obamacare. So now we just work on that flawless bill, make sure that we bring it forward.

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There was no immediate response from Graham, McCain or Johnson.

"Senator Collins and Murkowski of Alaska have been instrumental in the fight against repealing and so we're grateful for their hard work and their common sense", he said. Bill Cassidy, R-La.

The House passed legislation repealing and replacing "Obamacare" in May. Premiums would increase by 20% every year until 2026.

The defunding of Planned Parenthood is a controversial provision in the House and Senate repeal and replace bills.

But all day lawmakers were either unclear what would be in the bill, or suggesting that they would pass whatever it might be, simply to extend the process.

That one sounds like the problem could be deeper than Obamacare's health next year. But on Thursday it became a theater of the absurd when three top Republicans said they would vote for a health care bill only if House leaders guaranteed that it would not become law.

Trump has repeatedly berated congressional Republicans for being unable to overcome internal divisions to repeal Obamacare, but has offered no legislation himself, nor any clear guidance on what he would like to do about replacing the law. It is possible that the House will vote on a motion to go to conference on Friday before they leave town as that assurance. McCain then also said he was disappointed Senate GOP leaders choose to craft the legislation behind closed doors and subsequently proceeded with a lengthy speech in which he urged bipartisan cooperation. The Senate is mere hours away from voting on a health care bill that has still not been publicly released.

'Skinny repeal' rejected in big blow for Trump