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Fusion GPS: White House trying to smear us on Russian Federation

29 July 2017

Browder testified: 'In a kleptocracy like Russian Federation and other countries the way that the world works is that the president of that country allows certain people to get rich, he often gets a share of the wealth of those people and then he can rely on those people to do the state's bidding in situations where it may not be appropriate or they may not want to show the government's face'. Browder testified Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson was hired by a client of Natalia Veselnitskaya, the lawyer who visited Donald Trump Jr., to lobby for a repeal of the Magnitsky Act. It bars the travel and freezes the assets of Russian human rights violators - "Russian torturers and murderers", as Browder put it.

Browder testified that when Congress passed the Magnitsky Act, Putin retaliated by imposing a ban on Russian orphans.

"There's no doubt" Veselnitskaya was working on behalf of the Russian government, Browder told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kaveladzek has been linked to thousands of bank accounts that were investigated by the Government Accountability Office for possible money laundering and has lobbied for the easing of sanctions against Russian. "The objective of the Putin regime has been to commit awful crimes in order to get that money, and he doesn't want to lose that money by having it frozen".

"We are looking at re-writing the Magnistky Act right now to close off that opportunity", Whitehouse said, "and to make sure there is not this executive backdoor to delisting people" from the OFAC list who are already sanctioned under the Magnitsky Act. "It's a very personal, venal issue, which is the first reason why he's so upset", Browder said.

"In order to get that $200 billion, [Putin has] had to instruct a lot of people working for him, let's say 10,000 people working for him, to do awful things", he explained. Is that what you're saying?

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"And as a result of the Magnitsky Act, he can no longer guarantee absolute impunity, because all of a sudden we have consequences in the West". "You basically become a financial pariah". He was later thrown in jail by the same Interior Ministry officers he testified against during criminal proceedings to punish those involved in the tax scheme, Browder said in 2015, and died in custody after being held for 358 days. This man said the Russians were behind Fusion GPS.

The president's son, who enthusiastically accepted the invitation to meet with Veselnitskaya for that objective, has said she provided no useful information and the discussion focused instead on Russia's ban on USA adoptions of Russian children. While he said nothing of value came from the meeting, Veselnitskaya is best known for her effort to repeal the the legislation, and her representation of the companies that Bill Browder has accused of stealing from him.

'This was a big ask, ' he said. According to the Russian lawyer, the investor had collected private information about her. Veselnitskaya said that the smear campaign was a revenge for Browder's recent defeat in a U.S. court in the "Prevezon" company case in which Veselnitskaya acted as a legal expert representing the Cyprus-based holding company in its defense against allegations of money laundering.

".What they were willing to offer in return, I don't know".

So did a third player in the Russian Federation imbroglio who so far hasn't had anything like the public profiles of the other characters: Glenn Simpson, the founder of the political research shop Fusion GPS, which originated the infamous, unverified dossier of allegations against Trump that exploded onto the scene ahead of his inauguration earlier this year.

Fusion GPS: White House trying to smear us on Russian Federation