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'Petrol and diesel ban exposes gaping holes in the Government's understanding'

28 July 2017

Reports in the Guardian and Financial Times both indicated the United Kingdom is set to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol-burning cars and vans by the year 2040 as part of an air quality plan, including hybrid vehicles. A spokesperson told Autocar "Hyundai Motor has already launched the new Ioniq - the world's first auto to offer Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and full Electric powertrains all in one bodystyle -which is now on sale in the UK".

Decrease in air quality due to emissions from diesel and petrol vehicles is major environmental risk to public health in the United Kingdom, stated the government.

Most recently, France's Environment Minister unveiled plans to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.

Vincent Tourette, Renault UK boss said: "We've been pioneers in electric vehicles and this news has validated that we got it right before anyone else".

Electric cars are excused from additional taxes and fees gasoline-powered cars face there, and perks such as free charging or access to restricted bus lanes incentivize ownership. According to analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, almost 80 percent of cars purchased in the 2040 would be electric under existing policies. The government can not shy away any longer from the issue of diesel cars clogging up and polluting our cities and must now provide real solutions, not just gimmicks.

"The chancellor has often warned against demonising diesel motors - diesel motors emit less Carbon dioxide and are therefore more environmentally-friendly but of course we need to work honestly and of course we continue to look for other solutions", German government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said.

BMW has also been tackling with electric vehicles for some time now.

"We still believe that well-targeted scrappage schemes could make a significant contribution in reducing [nitrogen oxides] emissions by removing some of the oldest, most polluting cars and vans from our roads".

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"Councils now need to see more details to make sure these plans are as effective as possible".

Part of the new plan involves an offer of $260 million to local governments to change rules where vehicle emissions surpass European Union thresholds.

From around 2020, town halls will also be allowed to levy extra charges on diesel drivers using the UK's 81 most polluted routes if air quality fails to improve.

"For example, will we have the infrastructure to cater for all United Kingdom road users to drive electric vehicles in just 23 years?"

"Currently demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles is growing but still at a very low level as consumers have concerns over affordability, range and charging points".

"While nearly 59,000 new green cars were sold in the United Kingdom a year ago, which was up 27%, clearly hybrid was a big part of that".

Clean alternatives are available, affordable, and if all 84,000 became zero emission, it would equate to taking four million diesel cars off Britain's roads.

'Petrol and diesel ban exposes gaping holes in the Government's understanding'