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Why Anne Hathaway Is the Perfect Choice to Play Barbie

26 July 2017

Hathaway had been in the mix shortly after Amy Schumer left the project in March.

And though we have until June 2018 before the Barbie movie is released in theaters, Hathaway is staying busy until then. The script told of a woman that slowly awakens to the fact that she doesn't fit into the ideal land of Barbies and journeys to the real world, where she discovers that being unique is an asset. Sure, why not. Hathaway can do comedy very well and she's not afraid to take the piss out of herself either, so yeah, this could work.

Producing the project are Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald and Amy Pascal, while Richard Dickson, president and COO of Mattel, is executive producing.

Although a director has yet to be announced, it is widely conjectured that Alethea Jones is in the running for the gig after getting the blessing from Hathaway.

Set to premiere next summer, Sony's upcoming live action film is set to tell the story of what happens after Baribe gets kicked out of Barbieland for not being flawless enough.

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This means that Hathaway, who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2013's Les Misérables, will replace comedian Amy Schumer in the title role.

Academy Award victor Anne Hathaway appears to be going all the way from wonderful Colossal star down to a height of about 11.5 inches.

The actress' commitment to the Barbie movie may depend on her current schedule because the star's current filming commitment has her signed on to IM Global's science fiction film O2.

The forthcoming live-action film will be the first big-screen movie based on the iconic fashion doll.

Barbie will see theatrical release in the US on June 29, 2018.

Why Anne Hathaway Is the Perfect Choice to Play Barbie