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Nintendo launches Android and iOS app for Switch

22 July 2017

The game is the latest blockbuster release on the Nintendo Switch. You can download the Nintendo Switch Online App now for iOS and Android devices, but you'll have to wait until Splatoon 2 releases on Friday to make use of it. As of now, only "Splatoon 2" is supported on the app, but fans are expecting to have more titles once the maintenance, improvements, and launch of the aforementioned game title are over and done with.

Nintendo managed to capture gamers around the world when it launched the 2-in-1 Nintendo Switch console earlier this year. Check out the most recent trailer and see if strikes a cord in you. Given all that comes with the Nintendo Switch Online app, it seems that the tech giant is looking to promote teamwork as one of the key features of its much-loved flagship console. That is to say that by 2018, the company will be charging a subscription fee for the Nintendo Switch Online app, which is why players are advised to download it as soon as they can.

The voice chat functionality is divided into two ways depending on the kind of game being played.

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That about wraps up what you can experience in the Nintendo Switch Online App for now, be sure to let us know in the comments if you have any other questions. The app can connect you with other players (through social media or your friends list) and when used in Splatoon 2's Online Lounge, you can create rooms for friends to join while you talk to them through the app. Obviously this will vary (that's sort of the point), but we'll use Splatoon 2 as an example again to illustrate what you might be able to expect.

It also offers information on in-game events like which multiplayer stages are in rotation or when the time-limited Salmon Run mode is live, and gives you access to a shop with some exclusive in-game items that are only for app users.

Nintendo launches Android and iOS app for Switch