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Legendary raids can catch Legendary Pokemon; possible release in a few days

21 July 2017

Pokemon GO Fest is about to kick off on July 22, 2017, at various locations across the globe. The studio even declared summer to be an official timeline of the beasts' release. More signs suggest that these rare Pokemon are coming to the game a lot sooner than what fans might expect. The changes interestingly affect the recently overhauled Gym system. That is because the studio just revealed the upcoming arrival of a Legendary creature in the game. Tickets to the event quickly sold out but those who failed to get one will still enjoy numerous real-world and in-game events and new features. The legendary raids could finally be exactly what the mobile game was missing to bring that vision to life.

Fans around the globe will have the chance to help those attending the event by catching certain-types of Pokemon, which will lead to some kind of reward on July 23.

During the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago this weekend, you will be able to follow the adventures of the trainers present on the spot via the Twitch channel of the game.

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Runes are persistent capabilities (or perks) that become a consistent and predictable component of your loadout and play style. The old players will not have to panic if they see that their levels have been reset to zero because that was on goal .

And Niantic have confirmed that if trainers around the world catch enough Pokemon, a mystery challenge will be unveiled in Grant Park. The developers encourage players to catch as many Pokemon as possible within the challenge window.

Interestingly, neither Aeroblast nor Sacred Fire are now in Pokemon Go, so Niantic would need to update the GAME_MASTER file (which contains all the movesets and stats for Pokemon within the game) if these attacks were to be part of Lugia and Ho-Oh's arsenal. Not just this, though. In addition, it also "fixed an issue where Trainers were unable to complete Raid Battles started before time expired on the map view" and solved the problem of Pokemon not being "returned to their Trainer after defending a Gym". If they don't succeed, it's unclear what will happen.

Legendary raids can catch Legendary Pokemon; possible release in a few days