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Man proposes to girlfriend while being arrested

11 July 2017

The officers agreed to Thompson's request, watching (and filming) as he got down on one knee.

According to the Muskogee County District Court documents, Thompson had six felony warrants out for his arrest.

Oklahoma man Brandon Thompson proposed to his girlfriend on Tuesday. The video caught with police body camera shows the touching moment.

Lynch and his partner, Officer Lincoln Anderson, detained Thompson in the front yard and placed him in handcuffs.

Thompson's arrest is related to charges that include possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled unsafe substance and failure to appear in court, according to NBC.

'I didn't want to part ways with her not showing exactly how I feel for her, ' he was reported as saying by CBS.

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Although he was taken aback when he learned of Thompson's proposal request, Anderson said something good might arise from the instance.

The arresting officers moved Thompson's handcuffs from the back to the front, so he could place the engagement ring on his girlfriend's finger when she accepted.

Thompson was celebrating his 35th birthday and Independence Day with family when he was arrested. Keith told KOTV she was shocked by the sudden proposal, but also ecstatic to hear Thompson's profession of love. They told CNN they will set a date for their wedding once Thompson's legal troubles are resolved. He was released the day after his arrest.

It was a surprise unlike any other this Fourth of July for some Muskogee police officers and one lucky lady.

"Oh my gosh is he serious?" she told the outlet.

Man proposes to girlfriend while being arrested