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Pelosi defends leadership following special election loss

26 June 2017

Nor have they identified a challenger.

Tim Ryan lost a challenge to longtime Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for leadership of House Democrats last fall. Most notable was the appearance of Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe", Ryan predicted it would be hard for Democrats to win back the House with Pelosi as Minority Leader. He emphasized that the group "was a diverse group from an ideological, geographic and ethnic standpoint".

In the Ossoff race, even though the 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and former congressional staffer ended up running a more centrist and not Trump-centric campaign, Republicans were able to zero in on the more than $23 million in donations Ossoff raised, largely from liberal enclaves like California and NY, and make an easy connection to Pelosi.

"As long as Leader Pelosi is perceived as the leader of the House Democratic Caucus Republicans are going to continue to spend millions and millions of dollars in those swing districts to convince those swing voters, those independent voters, those Republican voters who might go our way, not to vote for our Democratic candidate because of Leader Pelosi", Vela said.

Clinton's loss forced Democrats to confront their deficiencies among white working-class voters and the vast areas between the coasts that flipped in Trump's direction. As the Left licks their wounds after Democrat Jon Ossoff lacked the competitive zeal to win in Georgia's sixth congressional district, the party is left wondering what they're going to do.

"This is not anything personal between me and Nancy Pelosi".

Kathleen Rice of NY, led a meeting of anti-Pelosi House Democrats.

Democrats see an opportunity to win a race in a Republican district now, Lake said.

No other Democrat possesses the stature to match those accomplishments.

Pelosi said that would be fine with her.

But Bliss said Pelosi attacks have broad resonance. "I love the arena".

"I think in this instance it had a motivating effect for our voters on the turnout front", Rogers said Wednesday. "If we don't, then I think it's incumbent upon her and all of us to reassess who our leadership should be".

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But Pelosi's camp signaled she is taking the grumbling seriously.

In a tweet on Thursday, President Donald Trump taunted Pelosi. "People in OH don't grab me about Russian Federation at all when I'm home", Ryan said.

There's also an even more basic reality: Showing that the party will dump its leader if Republicans are persistently negative enough about that leader only gives the GOP more incentive to use aggressive tactics - and puts the next Democratic leader on tepid ground from the outset.

Wednesday, Pelosi stressed that now was the time for Democrats to come together.

And Pelosi's fundraising prowess?

"It's fair to say nearly every cent has been raised through the prism of, 'we need to hold the Republican majority to prevent Nancy Pelosi from passing her far-left agenda, '" said Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee - the House GOP's campaign arm.

Pelosi made history becoming the first and only woman to serve two terms has Speaker of the House. Another rising House Democrat, former California Rep. Xavier Becerra, departed the House in late 2016 to accept an appointment as California's attorney general.

About 4,700 state House and Assembly seats were up for election past year. The CBC includes roughly 40 House Democrats, many in senior leadership and committee positions, including Pelosi allies.

In conceding the race, Ossoff, a filmmaker and former political staffer, signaled that Democrats could learn from these races and prepare for the larger battle for control of the US Congress in 2018.

Both the Georgia and SC losses, Clyburn said, had nothing to do with Pelosi in his view, but he said that Republican outside spending - which largely highlighted her - "had a tremendous adverse impact, no question about that".

"We need leadership change", Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) told CNN.

When the top post among House Democrats might open up, though, Pelosi hasn't said.