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Dad kills kids on Father's Day, hangs self

22 June 2017

Camara's two children, six-year-old daughter Juliana and 18-month-old son, Julian, spent Father's Day with him. He was supposed to drop the kids off at their mother's house Sunday night, but that never happened.

He was married, but had been separated from his wife for six months.

Friends said that Alvaro Camara is the man that killed his two kids then hanged himself.

Police believe the father killed his children then killed himself, Cregan said.

KRON News reported that arguments between Camara and his wife at his Slater Street apartment were intense on several occasions.

The father and the children's mother, who lived in unincorporated Sonoma County southwest of Santa Rosa, were involved in a custody dispute and the father violated a custody order, Lt. John Cregan said.

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'I'm not quite sure what was going through his mind, ' said Camara's sister, Jessica Espada to KTVU who arrived at the scene.

A father killed his two children and himself in a Santa Rosa double murder-suicide on Monday morning, according to police. "He was always playing with them, riding his bike out here with them", Carrie Buchholz said. Officers had even visited with the father at his Slater Street apartment in Santa Rosa after he called to ask police for help with the custody disagreement. The coroner identified the 6-year-old girl as Juliana, and 19-month-old boy as Julian. "The mother immediately did report it to the sheriff's department and they immediately began investigating".

They returned the next morning, and found the three bodies after entering the apartment through a window. Cregan went on to say the couple was having difficulty resolving custody arrangements with their children and the relationship had deteriorated to this point.

Another neighbor said Camara had seemed nervous over the weekend.

Detectives say evidence of a flammable substance in the area of the suspect's bedroom indicates he might have started the blaze.

"We're still going to be exploring the timeline to determine when the children were last seen and when this tragedy occurred".

Dad kills kids on Father's Day, hangs self