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Trump Tweets Poll Showing 50 Percent Approval; 'Higher Than O's!'

21 June 2017

A new CBS poll has shed light on America's thoughts regarding President Trump and fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey.

Only 9 percent of Democrats now approve of Trump, a number that has dropped one percentage point since Trump passed the 100-day mark in April. Seventy-two percent approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing, a decline of eleven points since April.

A new CBS News poll released on Tuesday showed that President Donald Trump's approval rating had crashed to yet another all-time low - and it seems that even Republicans are jumping ship over his bungling of the Russian Federation probe.

The latest poll has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

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But the official added that Trump has a good relationship with the emir and would like to leverage it to resolve the situation. He said other countries, which he didn't name, must also continue to eliminate support for violent organizations.

The poll referenced in the original tweets was taken by Rasmussen Reports, a GOP-leaning pollster that consistently shows Trump's approval rating higher than it really is. Fifty-one percent of those polled disapprove of how the president in handling the economy, this includes 49 percent disapproval from independents.

Thirty-nine percent of all respondents thought the Russian Federation investigation was a critical national security issue, while 32 percent thought it was a distraction. The fact that the CBS News poll shows the president's overall approval rating in the mid-30s isn't especially noteworthy - that's roughly in line with most other major polls of late - but the more Trump's support slips with voters from his own party, the more significant the political impact.

Over the weekend, Trump touted a Rasmussen Poll that found his approval rating was 50 percent. However, 56 percent of Americans think Mueller will be impartial, and 81 percent polled don't think the president should stop Mueller's investigation.

A majority of Americans say they believe Comey's testimony over Trump's statements, with 57 percent believing Comey and 31 percent believing Trump. Some 65 percent of Democrats think Trump is criticized more than other recent presidents, and 44 percent believe that this makes them more likely to question him.

Trump Tweets Poll Showing 50 Percent Approval; 'Higher Than O's!'