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Trump to ban business with Cuban military: U.S. source

16 June 2017

In the letter, the businesswomen wrote: "A setback in the relationship would bring with it the fall of many of our businesses and with this, the suffering of all those families that depend on them".

However, it's believed the president will impose harsh restrictions on travel and trade. The George W. Bush administration decided at one point to require payment before ships left USA harbors, an inconvenience that delayed shipments while money was routed through non-U.S. banks and added to the overall cost of the imports.

Rubio has, for years, led the charge for toughening relations with Cuba.

Before the Obama administration relaxed travel restrictions, the number of US visitors who were not of Cuban origin to the island was 91,254 in 2014, but that figure had tripled to 284,837 in December 2016, according to statistics from the Cuban government.

Under Trump's order, the Treasury and Commerce Departments will be given 30 days to begin writing new regulations and they will not take effect until they are complete.

In Fox News, William said that Cuban people did not need enmity with the US.

On Friday, President Trump travels to Miami to announce his Cuba policy.

"The policy the Trump administration is announcing regarding Cuba based on President Trump's core conviction that what the Cuban exile community is asking for is right and just", the White House said in a written statement to POLITICO.

Trump aides said Thursday that Rubio was "very helpful" to the administration as it spent months reviewing the policy.

Embassies in Washington and in Havana will remain open, sources tell CNN, and Cuban American travel and remittances remain unaffected. Existing restrictions on business dealings with the Cuban government, and especially its economically powerful military, will be made more legally explicit, and at least some planned expansions of commercial activity will be frozen. Polls show Cubans are genuinely unhappy with their own political system and excited at renewed relations with America.

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson indicated Tuesday that the Trump administration plans to restore "pressure on the regime" by tightening some of the trade and travel loosened under Obama. They observed the change in lives in 2014, and they wanted it to continue the same and even faster. American visits would likely drop, hurting both US airlines and accommodation services operating there, as well as the Cuban tourism industry. He's embraced the Philippines' Duterte, who boasts of extra-judicial killings, and granted Egypt's president a White House welcome, to say nothing of a bromance with Vladimir Putin that would make Oliver Stone blush. That seems odd given that the Trump administration is not particularly fond of pursuing that agenda in its foreign policy: there was no mention of human rights and political freedom during his visit to Saudi Arabia, for example. Commercial contracts that will create $1.1 billion worth of US exports to Cuba in the next five years would be broken, costing more than 1,000 jobs a year.

"He says to me, unprompted: 'We gotta figure out what to do about Cuba, '" Rubio recalled.

Obama argued that five decades of US trade sanctions had failed to achieve that goal or dislodge the Castros from power.

Later in the year, on the campaign trail in Miami during the fall election campaign, Trump condemned Obama's normalization of relations between the two countries, which he called a "one-sided deal for Cuba and with Cuba, benefits only the Castro regime".

The results have been uneven.

"Our policy is to focus effort on assisting the Cuban people, not enriching the Cuban military", one top adviser said, an implicit charge that the Obama administration did just that.

She said if they are positive, they will support them. More information will be available on the in the future, and will be delivered by Trump himself soon. And Americans can still self-certify under a general license that they are traveling to Cuba for legitimate reasons.

An increase in tourism and hotel construction has been one of the few bright spots in the Cuban economy. The moves may include new limits on travel and investment policies.

More than a quarter of the Cuban labor force no longer works for the communist government, from software programmers to nail salon owners, private taxi drivers and restaurant owners. But even some global human rights groups critical of the Cuban government say that would mean doubling down on a failed policy. Numerous big hotels in Havana, for example, would be off limits to American visitors.

Diaz and his relatives - including a brother-in-law in Florida - had pooled their money to buy the vehicle and restore it, and he charges tourists $25 for rides along the Malecon esplanade. "The hard-liners are going to have a field day".

Trump to ban business with Cuban military: U.S. source