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E3 2017: The Crew 2 speeding to consoles and PC in 2018

14 June 2017

The Crew wasn't particularly well-received back in 2014, but Ubisoft is taking another crack at the racing genre with, debuting a new cinematic trailer and gameplay walkthrough at their E3 2017 press conference. You can now race using motorcycles, planes, boats, and, if you're feeling nostalgic, cars.

There will be plenty of competitions and challenges for players to take on throughout the land, with easy methods for sharing cool moments built into the game. In the main campaign, the game will feature four "motorsports families": freestyle drivers, professional racers, amateur street racers, and off-road experts.

The Crew 2 is coming in early 2018, and you can register for beta access now, apparently.

Push boundaries and take on new experiences in iconic locations. For instance, it's still not clear how the grand narrative hinted at in the trailer will fit into the gameplay and there's no word on how many modes the game will offer.

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If you can't wait that long and you haven't played The Crew for a while, don't forget that an expansion pack was released in November 2016.

Although The Crew didn't get the greatest of reviews, it still has around 5 million players and the open-world nature of it makes it great fun. Enter The Crew 2, the next iteration of the open-world driving playground, which will introduce bikes, boats, and airplanes to a fully redesigned map of the USA. You'll visit each group's headquarters, where you'll be able to acquire new rides and customize them.

Among my game-playing friends, I feel like the only one who stuck with The Crew long enough to fall in love with it. New rides and customization items can also be gained through competition or chance encounters, and you can take your time tweaking them any way you like in your own personal headquarters. And just for playing the original game, you'll get a Ferrari 458 in the new one.

E3 2017: The Crew 2 speeding to consoles and PC in 2018