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NDP Leader John Horgan confident none of his MLAs will join Liberals

04 June 2017

The Alberta government has insisted the province doesn't have the power to stop the project, but B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan has hinted that opposition will come in the form of legal challenges.

Clark spoke for the first time since the NDP and Greens announced a deal on Monday to topple the Liberals from power after no party won a majority of seats in a provincial election three weeks ago.

In terms of what will happen in regards to BC Liberal leader Christy Clark's role, NDP leader John Horgan said that "the premier will have some choices to make".

The most obvious one is that while the B.C. Liberals raised more money than they were allowed to spend in the formal campaign, the Greens and the NDP are likely broke if not in debt.

Watson said forming the minority government was "the right thing to do" and she could not imagine going back to an election.

On Tuesday, the NDP and Greens formalized their alliance in a four-year agreement that commits to raising minimum wage to at least $15, increasing the province's $30 carbon tax by $5 per tonne annually beginning next April, and launching a review of labour laws.

They have conceded to the government holding a referendum on proportional representation, thus letting the public decide if the electoral system will change.

As long as the Greens stay in double digits as far as the popular vote goes, they would nearly certainly act as a king maker thanks to proportional representation.

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On the hot-button issue of campaign financing, the parties promised to introduce a ban on both corporate and union donations in the first sitting of the next session of the legislature.

Joking aside, the Green agenda was pretty much overridden by that of the NDP in the 10-page agreement between the two parties.

"The NDP is now trying to identify a Liberal MLA willing to stand for the job, which will ensure they and the Greens have a clear majority that does not rely on a speaker's tie-breaking vote", said Prest.

At today's media conference, Clark characterized her party's negotiations with the Greens as "unsuccessful".

That essentially means the Greens will support the NDP on legislative confidence votes.

"Our legislature will get up every day and work together cooperatively in the interests of the people who sent us here". The Liberals won 43 seats, the NDP 41 and the Greens took three seats.

With support from the Greens, the B.C. Liberals would be expected to convene the legislature by July to present a throne speech and pass their pre-election budget. "They'll have official party status in the legislature", explained Conroy. "Traditionally, when we have an election, there's a victor on election night and the next day that group of individuals gets access to the transition documents that have been created by the public service to inform and advise and brief the incoming government", Horgan said this week.

NDP Leader John Horgan confident none of his MLAs will join Liberals