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Two bounty hunters and fugitive dead after shootout at Texas vehicle dealership

02 June 2017

Three men were killed after a gunfight inside a Texas vehicle dealership involving bounty hunters and the man they were trying to capture.

They're identified as 33-year old Gabriel Bernal and 54-year old Fidel Garcia of Corpus Christi.

Peters says Hutchinson had been sought since March for failure to appear in court in Hennepin County.

It's not clear if the investigators notified police before approaching Hutchinson. Garcia and Bernal drew their weapons and Hutchinson responded by drawing his own pistol, which he dropped, according to a statement from Kathy Lucas, spokeswoman for the city of Greenville.

As the bounty hunters get closer to Hutchinson, the men start yelling at each other while a woman who was in the office yells 'No!'.

Bounty hunters working for bail-bondsmen have broad powers of arrest and search under the law, but they are not government agents.

"Mr. Garcia felt the defendant would ultimately appear at that dealership, " Peters said. Hutchinson was able to retrieve his weapon and began firing.

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Some time around 7 p.m., the man they were waiting for did arrive.

All three received multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene, authorities say.

The bounty hunters had been staking out their prey for several hours at the Nissan dealership just off Interstate 30 in Greenville. He noted that he's known Garcia for over a decade and said he believes it's unlikely that the bounty hunter misrepresented himself as a federal agent. U.S. Fugitive Recovery and Extradition, a Minnesota-based private company that tracks down wanted persons, told KTVT-TV (Channel 11) that it hired the bounty hunters, who worked for F.N.G.

Neither Garcia or Bernal have an active private investigator license according to the Texas Online Private Security (TOPS) database maintained by DPS.

In Texas, there is really no license for a 'bounty hunter.' They are licensed private investigators and have to have prior law enforcement experience or investigative experience, take numerous classes, go through an Federal Bureau of Investigation background check and pass a state exam.

Peters then handed the investigation to Garcia.

"He was just really shady", Buck said.

Two bounty hunters and fugitive dead after shootout at Texas vehicle dealership