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PM Modi speaks to French President-Elect Macron

20 May 2017

Macron won the presidency with 66 percent of votes cast for a candidate but the vote saw a high number of blank or spoiled votes and unusually low turnout.

A key concern centres on how effectively Macron will be able to govern. His startup political movement - optimistically named "En Marche!". (Forward!) - has no seats in the legislature which is dominated by Socialists and Republicans.

Macron's camp has said the names of Macron's 577 candidates for the legislative elections will be announced on Thursday.

In this eventuality of no overall majority, the president's handpicked prime minister may have limited latitude to move his agenda forward. While Mr. Macron won a decisive victory over Le Pen, it is important to note that Madame Le Pen received 34 percent of the votes or the support of nearly 11 million people and everybody who supported her or did not, knew that her top agenda was to leave the European Union.

However, it is not France that we want to discuss.

Incoming French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron sing the national anthem after he delivered a speech in front of the Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken with Macron to congratulate him on his election. During her candidacy, she made the lofty promise of conducting an European Union referendum within six months if elected president.

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According to BBC, Le Pen ran on all aspects of the nationalism trend.

Macron will also become the first President from outside the two traditional main parties since the modern republic's foundation in 1958. Hollande decided past year not to even seek re-election, the first incumbent not to try for a second term since the Fifth Republic was created in 1958.

Germany's foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, laced his welcome for Macron with a warning to the French, saying: "If he fails, in five years Mrs. Le Pen will be president and the European project will go to the dogs".

Macron's new party is already looking to next month's parliamentary elections to gain a majority.

Both Melenchon and Le Pen oppose the Euro single currency and are sceptical of the European Union. Moreover, both favour French withdrawal from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and warmer ties with Russian Federation. Le Pen had 36 percent - about double what Jean-Marie Le Pen, her father and co-founder of their National Front party, achieved at the same stage in the 2002 presidential election.

Elections for the French National Assembly will take place in June. Le Pen has different positioning to her father, winning on Sunday about double his share of the vote in 2002, appealing not just to the far right but also some centre-right voters - and a slice of the left, that she presents herself as an anti-globalisation champion, including opposition to worldwide trade.

Macron's presidency will depend on next month's legislative elections. He started his independent party, En Marche!

PM Modi speaks to French President-Elect Macron