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The Avril Lavigne-Melissa Vandella Conspiracy Theory Has Returned

18 May 2017

Avril Lavigne might not be who she says she is.

The old conspiracy theory that Lavigne was "cloned" resurfaced on Twitter over the weekend, but it has been bandied about the internet since 2005 and is thought to have originated on a Brazilian fanpage.

One thing cited in the conspiracy theory is the shifting positions of the freckles on Lavigne's arm, something that has been pointed out as suspicious since body marks like freckles do not change over time, Metro reported. It's an album full of subliminal messages apparently left by the "New Avril".

Now back in 2015, the person behind this conspiracy claimed it was an experiment to prove that you can make the internets believe anything, but it looks like people are still going ham on this.

As the rumours flooded the internet once again this weekend, one fan echoed many by announcing: "This is a case for the Federal Bureau of Investigation". Instead of announcing her death, Lavigne's record company begun releasing songs and replaced Lavigne with a lookalike which Avril was, reportedly, very friendly with.

Avril Lavigne is dead.

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Still unclear, however, is who exactly Melissa Vandella is, besides a corporate-funded Avril Lavigne impersonator.

Even when the singer tweeted her mum to wish her "Happy mother's day", yesterday the responses from fans included: "Happy Mother's Day, Melissa" and "Melissa, it's OK". And the more people add to it, the longer the thread becomes.

And it's not just physical features that users believe have changed - others are were suspicious when Avril promoted a slimming bar as a "yummy and healthy snack". Let us know on social media.

Were you ever obsessed with Avril Lavigne as a spry young tween and are pretty devo you don't see her and her oversized pants around anymore? "The jig is up Melissa" which garnered more than 15,000 retweets.

Now of course the fan site have back tracked on their claims, writing that the blog "was a way of showing how conspiracy theories may seem true".

After @givenchyass' thread went viral, heads started commenting with their own "proof" of Avril's "death", because why wouldn't we want to further investigate this situation?

The Avril Lavigne-Melissa Vandella Conspiracy Theory Has Returned