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Ohio high school students get pepper-sprayed for class

18 May 2017

A group of teens willingly stood against a wall and got a dose of pepper spray to the face as a part of a criminal technology course at Barberton High School in Ohio.

One copy of a video of the students being sprayed has been viewed online more than 15 million times.

"Stop resisting, please comply", he says before spraying a burst of pepper spray into the student's face and then moving down the line.

A group of OH teens recently volunteered to get pepper sprayed as part of their criminal technology course. It doesn't take long before the effects of the pepper spray - which has oleoresin capsicum, an oil found in very hot peppers, as its main ingredient - take hold.

Cleary continued, "Added supervision was provided by the school's resource officer".

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"It will cause irritation and a burning sensation to the eyes and nasal area for approximately 30 minutes to one hour".

Prior to the exercise, the students were required to get written parental permission.

We don't know how much extra credit they received, but hopefully it was worth it. It's usually seen as a violent way to suppress resistance or a tool for self-defense; rarely do we hear of someone voluntarily getting pepper sprayed, yet that's exactly what these high school students signed up for.

TODAY did not receive immediate comment after reaching out to the Barberton school superintendent and the police department.

"Contact with OC particles in a sprayed mist incapacitates subjects by inducing an nearly immediate burning sensation of the skin, but more important, a burning and swelling of the eyes", the report said.

Ohio high school students get pepper-sprayed for class