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Coroner: Teen had healthy heart before caffeine

16 May 2017

The teen consumed three caffeine-laced drinks - a cafe latte, large Diet Mountain Dew and an energy drink - in a two-hour period before collapsing in his classroom at Spring Hill High School on April 26, Watts said.

The autopsy showed no "unfounded" or "undiagnosed heart condition", said Watts, who was careful not to call Davis' death a caffeine overdose.

The coroner reports the teen drank a large caffeinated soda, a latte, and an energy drink in the two hours before his death.

The website states fatalities related to energy drinks are even more unlikely, due to the: 'sheer amount of liquid that would need to be ingested at one time'.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association last month found energy drink consumers could be at higher risk of abnormal heart beats and risky changes in blood pressure.

"[Cripe] was totally against drugs, he was totally against alcohol", Watts added. There's no reason to consume them they can be very risky'.

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"Davis, like so many other kids and so many other people out there today, was doing something (he) thought was totally harmless, and that was ingesting lots of caffeine", Watts said.

"We lost Davis from a totally legal substance", Watts said. He said the caffeinated beverages caused the teen to suffer from arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat. "Parents, please talk to your kids about these energy drinks".

While McDonald's doesn't now report the amount of caffeine in their coffee, Caffeine Informer estimated a large, 21-24-ounce McDonald's latte contains 178 milligrams of caffeine.

'And teenagers and students, please stop buying them. Based on Cripe's weight, Watts says the amount of caffeine consumed was above what is considered a "safe limit". "I'm telling my friends and family don't drink them".

The third incident cited by the website was about a Japanese man who died after mixing energy drinks with caffeine pills.

Coroner: Teen had healthy heart before caffeine