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Roger Stone contradicts Trump: I spoke with him 'very recently'

13 May 2017

Politico's report also links Trump's decision to fire Comey to the Russia investigation, noting that the president "had grown enraged by the Russia investigation, two advisers said, frustrated by his inability to control the mushrooming narrative around Russia".

Yesterday, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry, citing a Justice Department memorandum censuring Comey for his actions in July and October of previous year. "There is still no evidence that would ever hold up in a USA court of law", Stone said Thursday morning.

Even though Stone admitted speaking to Trump "very very very recently", he denies urging his friend to fire James Comey.

Stone hedged on Behar's question, insisting he "wouldn't comment on it" one way or another, before insisting he speaks with the president occasionally, but "not everyday".

"They have to remain confidential", Stone told "The View".

Trump, who has said he no longer watches CNN, seems to have made an exception on Wednesday morning.

Russia's Top Diplomat Meets With Trump at White House
Seizure of Russia's diplomatic property in the United States is illegitimate and Washington realizes this, Lavrov said. But the Russians' visit to the White House also came as the Kremlin made its first public comments on Comey's removal.

Stone refused to divulge the subject of the conversation, saying, "I'm not ever going to get into the substance of those conversations, I'll tell you why - if I do, there won't be any more of them". "I would have fired him five seconds after I took my hand off the Bible", Stone said.

In a May 5 interview with "The David Webb" show, Stone said the last time he had spoken to the President was "less than a week ago".

"I'll tell you what Joy, come back with me to my place later and I'll show you", he said sarcastically.

On "The View" Friday morning Stone called the Russian Federation investigation "a scandal without evidence". "I don't think there's anything here".

Roger Stone, the right wing gadfly and provocateur with a career that traces back to the Nixon administration, has a habit of popping up in the midst of the most sordid political tales.

Roger Stone contradicts Trump: I spoke with him 'very recently'