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Massive 'sea monster' discovered on Hulung Brach in Indonesia

13 May 2017

In February this year, locals on a beach in the Philippine's came across a mysterious hairy creature that was thought to have risen after earthquakes in the region.

Initial speculation had assumed it may be a giant squid, but those assumptions have mostly been dismissed.

The residents of Seram Island called on the national government to help them clear out and identify the remains of the creature as it had started to decay.

In a video shared by the Indonesian Army's Facebook page, a man muses on what the creature could be, according to Vice. At the present moment, and due largely to the creature's size and general shape, experts anticipate it turning out to be a whale of some variety. But as he approached, he could see more clearly: whatever this was, it had once been alive. The massive 50-foot-long creature, long since deceased, is already decaying, and nobody can seem to offer a definitive answer as to exactly what it is... or was.

This is not the first time an unknown giant creature has been found washed ashore.

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"This is a humpback whale", said YouTube user Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu.

It's not clear what caused the animal to was up on the shore, but it's believed to have been dead for at least three days before it was found on Tuesday evening (May 9).

A local mistook the giant creature for a stranded boat.

It was later identified as a whale - but had developed a odd appearance due to decomposition.

Massive 'sea monster' discovered on Hulung Brach in Indonesia