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Rights lens on India

06 May 2017

India's failure to ratify the United Nations convention against torture or repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act remained on the table along with Kashmir, as in the first two reviews in 2008 and 2012.

She said this support encourages Indonesia to innovate more on the implementation of human rights protections in the archipelago.

On the issue of rights of transgenders, Rohatgi, pointed to how India has been at the forefront of recognising their equal rights with the Supreme Court in a landmark judgement in 2014 directing the government to declare trans-genders a "third gender" and included them as an "Other Backward Class" entitled to affirmative action benefits.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi on Thursday made a veiled reference to the unprecedented 2 AM hearing in the Yakub Memon case two years ago, as he asserted that India champions upholding of human rights as enshrined in its Constitution.

Besides the state of human rights in the country, the Philippine delegation will also present the state's policies on labor, the environment, and vulnerable sectors such as women, children, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and the elderly in the country.

Rohatgi reiterated that safeguarding the rights of minorities was an essential part of India's polity, reported PTI.

"We want to share the overall picture of our human rights-based development programs, especially our gains, priorities in the coming years, as well as the major challenges at hand".

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The three country representatives serving as rapporteurs ("troika") for the review of India are: Latvia, the Philippines and South Africa.

The Pakistan delegation, as had been expected, brought up the issue of Kashmir and demanded that the use of pellet guns be banned and that a UNHRC fact finding team be allowed to conduct an independent review of the situation.

The delegation from Haiti, last to make suggestions, recommended that India set up a 'National Action Plan against racism and Afro-phobia'in the wake of the recent attacks on members of the African community in India; defending itself, the Indian delegation claimed that India has historically stood against racism and thus it was not possible for Indian's to have a racist mindset.

Countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Namibia, Slovenia, among others, asked India to amend section 375 of the IPC to criminalise marital rape.

Norway and Germany raised the issue of blocking of foreign funding to Non Governmental Organisations and emphasised on the need to ensure the safety of human rights defenders in the country. "However, the USA also said that the violence perpetrated by the police and other security personnel still persists", the statement added.

India's human rights record came up for review under the Universal Periodic Review Process at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday. It is among 14 countries to be reviewed in the current cycle.

Rights lens on India