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Ubisoft Looks To Be Teasing A New Far Cry Game

04 May 2017

Either way, I'm always excited for a new Far Cry game. It posted a piece of art from Far Cry 3 along with the caption "an island we never really left".

However Ubisoft hasn't remastered any of its previous Far Cry games for current generation consoles.

This is unmistakably the island from Far Cry 3, but if you had any doubt, Ubisoft followed up with another picture of Far Cry 3's main villain Vaas.

We don't know yet whether there will be a dedicated conference as usual for Ubisoft games at E3 2017, but we'll let you in case any such event is officially confirmed.

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Even though Far Cry Primal was average it still performed pretty well for a spin-off and it will be interesting to see if the series does return to its modern survival action roots in the new title.

Yesterday, we reported that a Facebook post on Ubisoft's account was teasing something relating to Far Cry 3 - possibly a prequel, a sequel or a remaster, we mused.

'We've heard back from Ubisoft PR, who has clarified to us that this was simply a "throwback post" and not a tease for anything'.

Another post deals with Vaas, arguably considered Far Cry's fiercest antagonist.

Ubisoft Looks To Be Teasing A New Far Cry Game