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Nintendo isn't done with handhelds - meet the New Nintendo 2DS XL

30 April 2017

On Thursday, Nintendo appeared to answer that question with the unveiling of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, the latest member of the 3DS family. You can play 3DS games with this system, but it lacks the 3D effect, naturally.

It will also be available in Japan as the New 2DS LL - following the existing naming scheme for the larger 3DS. It's got the added processing power that was in the "New" 3DS XL, as well as the "C Stick" nub above the face buttons on the right.

There's built-in NFC support, naturally, which means you'll be able to tap Amiibo figures and cards to the device, if that's your kind of thing. Pikmin and Miitopia, which launch alongside the New Nintendo 2DS XL in July.

There's a black & blue colour scheme in the USA trailer above, but the handheld's Japanese website also shows a hot white & gold number.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL launches alongside Hey!

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The release of the equally portable Nintendo Switch earlier this year has raised concerns on what the future holds for the Nintendo 3DS.

As with the 2DS, the 2DS XL will run 2DS titles along with games originally made for both the 3DS and the original Nintendo DS.

Now in July the console-maker will release the New 2DS XL and strategically uplift its handheld sales while simultaneously releasing Switch software to drive sales of its new console hybrid. It will also have a foldable body, unlike its predecessor, but it will be the same with the rest of the 3DS consoles.

The 2DS XL will work out of the box with any Nintendo 3DS game, as well as 2DS titles. The company recently said that the Nintendo Switch was the fastest-selling console in its North American history, and later revealed that it's sold 2.74 million units worldwide.

Nintendo isn't done with handhelds - meet the New Nintendo 2DS XL