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Fox News' parent company seeking female co-president candidates

30 April 2017

On Wednesday, Kelly Wright, a Fox News anchor, held a press conference in which he detailed Fox's "systemic and institutional racial bias". O'Reilly "Factor" fans are even "threatening to boycott Fox News as a form of protest", announced Young Turks guest commentator Hannah Cranston on Thursday.

"The original lawsuit alleged that Fox News' longtime comptroller, Judy Slater, subjected members of Fox's payroll staff to racial insults for years", Gabriel Sherman reported for NY magazine.

In a statement, Fox News said that it "vehemently denies the race discrimination claims in both lawsuits" and would "vigorously defend these cases".

Pressure is now building within the network to dismiss Bill Shine, a 20-year Fox veteran whom Rupert Murdoch elevated to co-president alongside Jack Abernathy, following founding CEO Roger Ailes' ouster last summer.

Wright said that he enjoyed working at Fox and had made many friends and admired many of his colleagues, but he felt that he could not remain silent any longer when so many others were coming forward about the racial problems running rampant through the network and through the news lately.

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Separately on Tuesday, a former Fox News accounts payable specialist, Adasa Blanco, filed a lawsuit in federal court in NY claiming her complaints about racial discrimination were ignored and she was forced to quit in 2013 as a result. This happened as the channel ...

In addition, the Washington Post reports, "a 12th former employee filed a separate discrimination lawsuit in federal court in the Southern District of NY; and a 13th person turned to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with a discrimination charge". Eleven current and former employees filed a class-actio... Slater, the complainants allege, subjected black and other nonwhite employees in the payroll department to "top-down racial harassment". Fox News leaders, he said, "seemed to simply overlook the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace".

Following the internal turmoil that's been plaguing the network over the past year, the Murdochs reportedly feel that hiring a female in charge of Fox News would lend credibility to their commitments to promote "a workplace based on the values of respect and trust". "This racial divide is going on - yeah, we can talk about Fox News, but it's happening everywhere", Wright said.

"There were women saying, we can't have a woman president, that is unsafe", Uygur pointed out. "I hope the R word, racism, will become like the N word and never used in our vocabulary ever again".

Fox News' parent company seeking female co-president candidates