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Why Caitlyn Jenner Voted For Trump Despite His LGBT 'Mistakes'

27 April 2017

Caitlyn Jenner may see politics in her future. "I ultimately hold him responsible". I believe in things like the Constitution and limited government. She said it was a legitimate question.

She added: "Or would I be better working from the inside". Jenner told CNN that she believes that Trump is the man the USA needs right now as his out of the box ideas are what "we need to turn this country around". She did it all on her own, and she recognizes that what she has accomplished as a trans woman will be her legacy.

But, she added, "I was very disappointed with Title IX", referencing the Trump administration's rollback on protections for transgender students.

In her memoir, Caitlyn Jenner openly blames Elle DeGeneres - who herself is a prominent LGBTQIA+ figure - for the lack of enthusiasm for Jenner among LGBTQIA+ fans. "I knew he did it". Two months later she appeared on the covers of Vanity Fair with her new look, marking the moment as a milestone for the LGBT community.

At an event held before a packed audience at the University of Pennsylvania's Irvine auditorium, Jenner told those gathered that she receives more criticism for being politically conservative than for being transgender. We have to be respected around the world. There's so many bigger issues, more important things that you should be doing right now - not take away rights from the LGBT community. "I like a strong America, a strong military". "There's a lot that's going to happen in that three and a half years and I'll make that decision at that point".

Either way, Jenner said she will not give Trump or the Republican Party a pass if they "screw up".

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She laughed: "I've got way too many skeletons in my closet".

Jenner had revealed that she had "the soul of a female" nearly two years ago in her interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC.

In a primetime interview Monday with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Jenner ripped Trump's attorney general Jeff Sessions and Army Secretary nominee Tennessee State Sen.

Caitlyn Jenner released a book titled "The Secrets of my Life" wherein she shared every details of her transition, failed marriages and finding suicide as an option to end his failures.

"I haven't done it because I don't think he wants to get beat by a 67-year-old trans woman", she said. For six years of my life, I spent it in a house and never really came out in Malibu.I never really felt like I fit in.