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Mountain lion snatches family dog from California home

19 April 2017

A mountain lion may have gotten away with a dog Monday morning from the bedroom of a home in the unincorporated San Mateo County community of Pescadero, sheriff's officials said.

The woman and her child were sleeping when she heard their small dog, a 15-pound Portuguese Pondengo, barking aggressively around 3 a.m. April 17.

The woman, who was in a bit of a haze after being startled awake, said she looked toward the doors and saw what she believed was the shadow of a mountain lion enter the room, snatch the barking dog, then walk out, said sheriff's Detective Sal Zuno. Her daughter says she knew something was wrong because of the smaller dog's bark.

On Monday, a state wildlife warden looked for paw prints or any sign of the mountain lion near the property, but did not appear to find any evidence other than the blood on the bedroom door. Fought says, at first, she thought the mountain lion was their bigger dog Leo.

"As soon as I saw it walk out, I said, 'That's a lion, '" Fought told CBS News.

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Sheriff's officials have been in touch with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for any necessary follow-up investigation.

Mountain lion sightings are not uncommon in San Mateo County where rural areas blend into neighborhoods. The fish and wildlife department encourages homeowners in California to keep pets inside at dawn, dusk and night time, when mountain lions are most active. In a frenzied May 2015 incident, a juvenile 90-pound mountain lion wandered into a residential neighborhood at the edge of downtown San Mateo. "We had one open a few inches or so, I don't know, maybe six or eight inches wide", Fought explained. Mountain lions are very familiar in these parts.

Meanwhile, Zuno said residents should take precautions and safeguard their homes.

The SMSD says that this incident is a reminder to "lock and secure your home's doors and windows", and refers those with more questions on mountain lion behavior to this website. "But I did think it was unusual, and then I saw the lion walk back out".

"They are very shaken up about what happened", Det.

Mountain lion snatches family dog from California home