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Teen's tweet for free Wendy's nuggets could be most retweeted ever

13 April 2017

16-year-old Carter Wilkerson needs 18 million retweets for a year of free nuggets. "One of the Victoria's Secret angels retweeted it and told me she'd take me in NY and get me a frosty", Wilkerson says.

With 3.3 million retweets, the most retweeted record holder right now is talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, which is a group selfie taken by Bradly Cooper at the Oscars award show in 2014.

However, Carter didn't think his post would be as successful.

"I said I wouldn't even get to a million but now I'm at 2.5 so who knows maybe it'll explode again". "Then I put the screen shot up and it started gaining momentum", he said. He took a screenshot of his exchange with Wendy's and asked the internet to help make his nuggety-filled dreams come true.

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A teen's plea for a year of free chicken nuggets could soon become the most-retweeted tweet in history.

"I thought "Consider it done" would be amusing among my friend group". Twitter has 313 million monthly active users, and Carter will need to be retweeted by 5.8% of them. The reaction has been "pretty cool", he says, with his father adding that he hopes they can work out some kind of charitable giveaway with Wendy's when the retweeting subsides. We will update the story if Wendy's responds.

Carter said he's received a lot of renewed attention at school both in the hallways and in class. "When I walk in, people say, 'He's the chicken nugget man, ' and it'll go on for a few minutes and then it'll settle down and we get to work".

United Airlines have offered to fly Wilkerson to anywhere in the world where Wendy's serves chicken nuggets.

Teen's tweet for free Wendy's nuggets could be most retweeted ever