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Yankees worth big league-high $3.7 billion

12 April 2017

Five of the seven teams who earned more revenue a year ago than the Phillies made the playoffs.

Notably, the Phillies led Major League Baseball in operating income with a surplus of $87.7 million.

Overall, the Tigers are worth $1.2 billion, according to Forbes. That's up from $142.3 million or 8.3% from last season.

But in the past seven seasons, Forbes projects the value of the Cubs as having increased by more than 180 percent, factoring for inflation.

That added capital should work wonders for the team over the next two decades.

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The Mets ranked sixth on the list - after the Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs and Giants - at an estimated value of $2 billion, with revenue of $332 million and operating income of $31.7 million. The Padres are one of 23 clubs worth at least $1 billion.

The Yankees were ranked as the most valuable franchise - no surprise there - at $3.7 billion.

According to the annual valuation rankings from Forbes, the average value of an Major League Baseball franchise jumped 19% in the past year thanks to local TV deals, rising profits and MLB's expanded focus on branching out with new technologies. It is the second-highest average value behind only the NFL. That said, if the team plays well, more people will come to the park and prices can be increased for tickets, merchandise and ads.

However, Forbes also pointed out that trend may not continue considering the luxury tax will be raised over the next few seasons. Michael Ilitch bought the team for $85 million in 1992 and had in recent years authorized a payroll among the highest in baseball.

Yankees worth big league-high $3.7 billion