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Marshawn Lynch Smacks Phone from Fan at LAX, Spits

12 April 2017

Then again, Lynch could sign with the Raiders. or just opt to remain retired. I know, I can't believe it took so long for the team from Boston to be a rumored destination for whatever big name free agent is now being discussed. After he visited the Raiders last week, Lynch reportedly told them he was coming back to play in Oakland in 2017 (more on that here). Lynch retired in 2016 in an announcement on Twitter, one year after Seattle's tough loss to New England in Super Bowl XLIX. When Lynch played for the Seahawks, he could fly home to Oakland every week. It's hard to imagine Lynch signing with the team that beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl two years ago, especially when that team would expect him to tone down his personality. Lynch, an Oakland native will bring a lot of versatility and power to the run game to compliment their entertaining and exciting passing attack by their superstar quarterback in David Carr.

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The Marshawn Lynch to Raiders rumors still seem to make the most sense, as he would be heading home to play the 2017 National Football League season. However, if Blount continues to reject that offer, Lynch represents someone with a similar bruising running style that could fill that void. Ignoring the legal loopholes the Patriots and Raiders would have to go through to get him out of his contract with Seattle, Marshawn is about to turn 31. You would think the Seahawks would ask for some of it back if he were to join a different team.