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Michael Caine Cites Winston Churchill With 'Going In Style' Advice

08 April 2017

The chemistry of these three leads just pops and brings to life, what some would consider a paint by numbers premise, and while it could be considered that, there is so much heart and realness that you empathise with them. It's not about fashion, but it is an enjoyable 90 minutes at the theater.

Going in Style is directed by Scrubs star Zach Braff, and stars Caine and Freeman alongside Alan Arkin as seniors who attempt to reclaim the pensions owed to them by the bank. Going In Style is a comedic heist film that follows Joe (Caine), Willie (Freeman) and Albert (Arkin) who are dealing with the loss of their pensions due to their company being bought out.

A combination of A-list stars - even three Oscar winners - is no guarantee a film will accomplish all it should. They're victims of predatory banks, unfeeling hospitals, and children too busy to keep in touch.

One of the funniest parts of the 1979 film was seeing Burns - the legendary comedian who was in his early 80s at the time - verbally jousting with the FBI agents investigating the bank robbery at the center of the movie. Freeman said at a recent NY press conference, alongside his co-stars. As for Freeman, well....he's Morgan Freeman and could sound and look good reading from the Yellow Pages.

Alan Arkin can grumble with the best of them. Here's his best movie and interview quotes. Make no mistake, although the film wants you to root for these three wronged pensioners, this is no I, Daniel Blake.

Yet throughout the movie Caine, Freeman and Arkin prove for the countless time what kind of professionals they are. A remake of Martin Brest's shaggy 1979 dramedy about three senior citizens plotting a bank robbery, the new movie gets rid of all the original's melancholy ruminations and replaces them with broad, obvious comedy, turning an off-the-cuff robbery into an absurdly elaborate Hollywood-style heist full of inconsistencies. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin are outstanding actors, and I've never seen them so asleep at the wheel. "I was just a fan before, but he is just a amusing, warm, silly person".

Attorney: Mayor not being truthful about claims
The 61-year-old Murray was elected mayor in 2014 after almost two decades of service in the Washington State Legislature. The lawsuit against Murray, 61, was filed Thursday by a man from Kent who is now in his 40s.

To its credit, "Going in Style" avoids all the crudities usually attendant in movies about sassy oldsters.

Maybe I just wanted more laughs and more jokes to be incorporated.

"For the past six, seven years, I open a script and I say: 'What page do I die on?"

Morgan admits: "If you don't know me and you get that voice you're going to hang up". Yes, the same Zach Braff that was hailed as a genius for the 2004 indie Garden State. I have no doubt that many of my counterparts will give "Going in Style" a really hard time for not being "smart" enough, for not taking advantage of the talented cast, and for not being innovative, but I don't care.

"I'm not exactly sitting around watching Coronation Street."

This movie's reveal of the robbery doesn't rise to the levels of "Ocean's Eleven", "Inside Man", or "The Sting", but it still kept me interested and it had me smiling as it all unfolded.