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WrestleMania 33: The Hardy Boyz make epic WWE return

04 April 2017

Matt and Jeff Hardy became the talk of the wrestling world in 2016, reinventing their careers with the "Broken" characters.

The Hardys return to WWE was one of the biggest surprises from WrestleMania 33 Sunday night.

Now, we get to focus on the Hardy Boyz being on Monday Night Raw, which is about 18 hours away. In the ensuing months, Lita and Edge were both frequently met with chants of "You screwed Matt" at shows.

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Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando this evening, to an absolutely enormous pop. While Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling had worked a possible match between Impact Wrestling tag team champions Hardy Boyz and Ring of Honor champions The Young Bucks, things went sour when the Hardy's left Impact Wrestling. As noted in last night's WrestleMania report, it is expected that last night was Taker's final match.

The Hardy Boys are back with the WWE. Needless to say, the already established participants in the match weren't expecting this addition to the Raw Tag Team Championship match. Matt used his "delete" motion and traits, despite previous legal threats from Impact Wrestling. However, the tag team is now embroiled in legal hot water with Impact Wrestling, which is claiming ownership of the Hardys' "Broken" characters, which have made them one of the hottest and most beloved acts in wrestling over the past year.

The only piece of the Hardy's Broken gimmick that was present was the oddly awesome patch of blonde hair on Matt's head.