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The 'World's Strongest Coffee' is Now Available in the States

01 April 2017

Black Insomnia Coffee debuted last July in South Africa and packs a walloping 702 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup. Mary Sweeney Black Insomnia founder Sean Kristafor is aware of the limits and issued warnings on the coffee's labels.

That's skirting the maximum 400mg per day that the Mayo Clinic recommends for "healthy adults". One 12-ounce cup claims to have three times as much caffeine as a regular cup of Starbucks joe, which may be the answer to kicking our 3-a-day grande latte habit to the curb. One 12-fluid-ounce (355-milliliter) cup contains almost double the recommended daily allowance of caffeine.

First launched in Cape Town in July a year ago, Black Insomnia is naturally pure and very high in caffeine without added chemicals, preservatives, sugars, or other additives. According to a press release, that makes the coffee 33 percent stronger than competitor - with a similarly ominous name - Deathwish Coffee.

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But Black Insomnia, as it is called, is not for the faint of heart.

In comparison with Starbuck's dark roast, Black Insomnia is more stronger. "The most serious effect would be cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)". "However, the problem with these products is that they can inadvertently be consumed by people who are not in the targeted category". Death Wish has 660 mg. Both types of coffees is available for sale on Amazon, which could not be reached for comment. This week, the company made its global debut by expanding distribution of its heavily caffeinated product through Amazon.

Death Wish Coffee contains 13.2 grams of caffeine per kilogram, but based on tests conducted by a Swiss laboratory, the Black Insomnia has 17.5 grams of caffeine per kilogram, Today noted.

The 'World's Strongest Coffee' is Now Available in the States