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Homemade slime gives girl 3rd-degree burns

29 March 2017

Kathleen Quinn was taking part in a popular do-it-yourself project at her MA home.

"It felt like really hot and tingly", Kathleen says.

However, shortly afterwards she noticed her hands were in pain.

The 11-year-old received second- and third-degree burns after playing with the homemade slime, which is made from three ingredients: Elmer's glue, the household cleaner Borax and water, according to ABC News.

Kathleen's family took her to a local hospital where doctors found that she had second- and third-degree burns on her hands as a result of extended exposure to Borax, CBS reports.

"I've had other mothers say, 'Oh, we've made it a million times".

There's a warning for parents about a popular DIY project for kids. Thankfully, Kathleen is expected to make a full recovery.

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"Just because you have it around, just because it seems to be perfectly safe for those types of applications doesn't mean it should be used in anything else, particularly household slime", Dickerson told WCVB last week. Later that night, while at a sleepover, she said her hands began to hurt.

"If you use it according to the recipe for these slime recipes, it actually would be okay, but you need a lot of supervision because if the child misinterprets teaspoon or tablespoon and gives too much, you can definitely see burns", Branch noted.

"I thought it was great", Siobhan told WCVB.

Borax sales are also on the rise because it's a key ingredient in making slime.

Deejay's chemical burns got her a referral to a plastic surgeon, her mother said.

Doctors have warned that using Borax to make slime could be toxic if not safely diluted, CBS News reports.

Homemade slime gives girl 3rd-degree burns