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After Health Care Defeat, What's Next For Republicans?

29 March 2017

Pirro is also a longtime friend and supporter of President Trump, so those expecting another spoon fed interview with the president were in for a bigger surprise than a scathing SNL skit.

Trump said he told Ryan on Friday to pull the GOP healthcare reform bill, the American Health Care Act, amid dwindling support among House Republicans.

So last night, Pirro kicked off Justice With Judge Jeanine with a six-minute "Opening Statement" blasting Ryan for the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Remind me not to ask Paul Ryan or his GOP House posse to ever arrange a one-car funeral - because the odds are good that they'd find a way to foul it up. Ryan is an obstacle to the kind of rapid changes Trump wants to see and must see to ensure the 2018 midterm elections go his way.

But Trump doesn't do favors, he does deals, especially deals that turn out disastrously for one or all parties involved.

As far as Pirro is concerned, none of this is Trump's fault.

Ryan - whom Paul Krugman correctly labeled "flimflam" man back when the Wisconsin congressman was just a lowly backbencher on the make - is now damaged beyond fix as leader of the House. "I think it was more coincidental". "He thinks Paul Ryan works really hard", said Mr. Priebus.

Amid a chaotic scramble for votes early Friday Ryan, who has championed the bill, met with Trump at the White House after hours of debate.

Trump earned $153M and paid $36.5M in taxes in 2005
Donald and Melania Trump earned around $150 million in 2005, putting them in the top 1 percent of income earners for the year. Maddow's publicity stunt was such an epic fail that commentators were wondering if Trump had leaked his own tax returns.

Pirro said Ryan, not President Donald Trump, must shoulder the blame because the Wisconsin congressman has more experience in politics than the "outsider" in the Oval Office.

And so Romney worked with Democrats to pass the MA health care plan which, he explained, was entirely within his party's philosophical wheelhouse: "The Republican approach is to say, 'You know what?" If you're suddenly gifted a huge audience of Ryan-hating populists, you might as well do the maximum pander in hopes of making them regular viewers, right? There's a reason no one lined up to replace Boehner after he resigned, until Ryan reluctantly allowed himself to be drafted: Uniting a caucus that's fractured ideologically is a futile, thankless job.

The failure of the AHCA was a victory for conservatives like Rand Paul and members of the House Freedom Caucus.

Aides close to Ryan later told NBC News that the House speaker and the president spoke on Sunday.

True, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats celebrated the retraction of what's regarded as Trump's healthcare bill as a major victory.

"What we are really anxious about, and you've heard me say this all along, is the coming premium increases with a death spiraling health care system", said Ryan.

"Ryan needs to step down as Speaker of the House". But then Trump fought for a bill that would have done just what he said he wouldn't by throwing 24 million Americans off health insurance. "No", Spicer replied to the questioner, according to Deadline.

After Health Care Defeat, What's Next For Republicans?