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Marine Le Pen says she may lift Russian Federation sanctions if elected

25 March 2017

But she is open about her ambitions to build relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as his ally in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad.

"I am, of course, aware of the ongoing election campaign in France".

Le Pen, who leads the National...

Opinion polls show Le Pen getting through to the second, decisive round of the French presidential election on May 7 but then losing to centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron.

The meeting took place in the Kremlin with Le Pen "gesticulating energetically across the table from a disengaged-looking Mr. Putin", according to The New York Times.

"The Kremlin keeps persuading itself and the population that it is right, its policy is shaping the future and its vision of the world will win", he said.

She rejected the idea that Russia's help in the French vote came with strings attached. "I remember her father's words: "I like Africans - but in only in Africa".

Le Pen has been to Moscow before to talk to MPs, but the Putin meeting was the first of its kind. "Russia has been mistreated by the European Union and its vassal France", she said.

The French politician, who is in Moscow at the invitation of Russian lawmakers, noted that the two sides have deep cultural, economic and strategic ties. But it's unclear if Russian officials have specifically discussed the repayment of loans given to National Front with Le Pen.

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But, speaking to Le Pen inside the Kremlin Friday, Putin denied he had any intention of influencing the outcome of the vote. It pulled down the text a few minutes later. But those were overshadowed by accusations of Le Pen's xenophobia and racism.

Duma committee head Leonid Slutsky said Le Pen's visit was "courageous", the Russian news agency Interfax reported. "We can't believe anyone in this dirty game", he told EUobserver.

In addition, Marine Le Pen spoke about the stupidity of sanctions imposed on Russian Federation.

"I expect more anti-Macron campaigns will be coming. The only question is how much they [Russian efforts] will be able to damage Macron", Janda said.

Le Pen, the leader of National Front party, said at a meeting on Friday with the speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament in Moscow that the sanctions were counterproductive. "This is a war crime", she said.

If two-thirds of those undecided voters go to Le Pen, Vedral said, she gets awfully close to winning.

In the meeting with members of the Duma, Ms Le Pen urged Russian Federation and France to work together to save the world from globalism and Islamic fundamentalism.

Amid the ongoing investigations into alleged Russian interference in last year's U.S. election, fears about potential Russian influence have been raised ahead of the upcoming votes in France and other European countries.

The French presidential election is followed by parliamentary elections in June.

Marine Le Pen says she may lift Russian Federation sanctions if elected