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Anushka Sharma hosts special screening of 'Phillauri' for Bollywood biggies

25 March 2017

Apart from its unique storyline, "Phillauri" boasts of actors from across film industries. The film features strong performances from Anushka, Diljit and Suraj Sharma, however, it seems the actress' friendly ghost avatar failed to entertain her fans. Anushka should act in the films she makes, she is much better. To Kanan's surprise, this awakens an ancient tree spirit Shashi, played by Anushka Sharma. Last she produced NH10, where her performance was also critically appreciated.

We wanted to present new ideas.

Not only does Anushka find the courage to write and post her poems, she also becomes an intellectual equal and partner - more of the "sangini" for Diljit - as she writes and he sings.

Made on a controlled budget (Rs.21 crore), Phillauri - which boasts of an A-lister Anushka Sharma leading the pack as an actor as well as a producer - is set to be a profitable venture soon after its release.

Phillauri introduces us to a typical Punjabi wedding household.

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Talking about her character in the film, Anushka said, 'My character of Shashi in the film is a relatable one.

' Set in Punjab, Phillauri is about an NRI Punjabi boy named Kanan who returns to India to get married to his childhood sweetheart.

Unfortunately, Kanan is soon discovered to be manglik and has to Wednesday a tree before walking down the aisle with Anu. In Phillauri, Kanan got married with a ghost by mistake as he was marrying a tree as per ritual to get rid of his bad luck.

In the course of the film's journey, we find there is a poignant lovely, unfulfilled romantic back story of Shashi with Phillauri that becomes that centre-plot of the film.

Anushka Sharma hosts special screening of 'Phillauri' for Bollywood biggies