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House schedules vote on ObamaCare replacement bill

20 March 2017

President Donald Trump went further than he has in the past, declaring now that "ObamaCare is dead".

Several Senate Republicans also have said they would reject the measure in its current form.

Republicans remain deeply divided over their USA healthcare overhaul, Trump's first major legislative initiative and one that aims to make good on his campaign pledge to repeal and replace the healthcare plan put in place by his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama.

Price argued that Medicaid "is having extreme difficulty providing the care that's needed for all of the individuals on it", and could be improved by giving more flexibility to the states instead of federal health officials. It was agreed then to allow this in the states that wanted it and places like OH actually benefited.

For example, if a person's coverage lapses from non-payment, Baldwin says an insurance company will have the ability to deny them coverage.

Under the plan revealed last week by House Speaker Paul Ryan, the most vulnerable Americans would feel the carnage the most.

Republican Study Committee chairman Mark Walker, who attended Friday's meeting with Trump, has said his group's 170 members support instituting work requirements for able-bodied, childless adults on Medicaid. GOP divisions also threaten the legislation in that chamber.

The CBO says the plan would save more than $300 billion, but it still amounts to a big-government entitlement for conservative lawmakers, whose votes are critical yet probably can't be won without forfeiting the likes of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida Republican, who said she will not vote for a plan that slashes coverage and funds for the poor and elderly.

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"States can not successfully administer a quality Medicaid program that grants significant flexibility in lieu of adequate funding", they wrote in their plan. Experts said the figures undercut Republican claims that the health law's insurance markets are teetering toward collapse. On Wednesday, the AHCA goes before the House Rules Committee, the final stop before the bill reaches the House floor.

Right now, Republicans are fighting each other, while Democrats sit on the sidelines.

Trump appeared with committee members after the meeting.

The CBO estimated that the GOP bill would lead to 14 million fewer people insured than under Obamacare by 2018. Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, said it's important to get the legislation passed before Congress leaves for a two-week spring recess next month.

GOP support became scarcer when the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found this week that the legislation would push 24 million Americans off coverage in a decade and shift out-of-pocket costs toward lower income, older people.

"When you say access is that like if I'm sitting at home and I make $25,000 a year, I have access to buying a BMW, but I can't afford it".

The four governors said they support "fundamental reform" of Medicaid, outlining an alternative approach that would give states the option to embrace their own reform or stick with the current formula with less federal money. Obamacare expanded its eligibility and increased funding for it, which enabled about 10 million previously uninsured Americans to obtain medical insurance.

House schedules vote on ObamaCare replacement bill