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Updated WWE WrestleMania 33 card after March 14 SmackDown Live

16 March 2017

So, officially, at the end of the night, the Phenomenal One was still not a WWE employee. Instead, he made a mixed tag match for WrestleMania 33, and it will see John Cena team with Nikki Bella to take on the couple of The Miz and Maryse in Orlando. It was reported a while back that Vince McMahon wants AJ Styles on RAW and not on Smackdown, The story line that he is now in with Shane McMahon, might just be what stems into him leaving Smackdown. This year, with singles matches on the horizon setup for both the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship, one has to wonder if WWE has plans to include the Ladder Match during one of the bouts at this years Wrestlemania.

The victor of the Royal Rumble earns the opportunity to face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania and this year the victor of the match was Randy Orton.

Still enraged over what he perceived as poor treatment from Shane-O-Mac and general manager Daniel Bryan over the past few months, Styles turned words into action with a brutal sneak attack which culminated with him smashing his boss through a vehicle window. Maryse also flashed her engagement ring and said Bella was jealous of that because she would never get one, going so far as to call her a "lying, backstabbing bitch". Bella hit back calling Maryse a "brainless, spineless blow-up doll" who was worthless and only held Miz's arm every night before challenging her to a match.

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Fans around the world are just dying to see this match, aren't you? This situation should only be more clearly solidified when Styles does bring out the best left in Shane and perhaps steals the show. While there were times it seemed Styles would win Orton hit him with a RKO out of nowhere to once and for all become the challenger for Bray Wyatt's title at Wrestlemania. Similarly, he could fight The Undertaker, a match many thought would happen at WrestleMania this year.

The Usos defeated American Alpha (non-title match). Later in the show, McMahon came out to the stage and said that Styles had an opponent for "Wrestlemania XXXIII".

Line of the night: "The fact that you promised me something special [on Miz TV] and didn't deliver, it makes me want to punch you in the face". This photo isn't on the WWE website anymore, but it used to be, and it was up there while at the same time, on a different page, you were being informed that AJ was no longer with the company.