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Suspect arrested after intrusion into White House grounds

15 March 2017

President Donald Trump said Saturday that the U.S. Secret Service did a "phenomenal job" apprehending a "troubled person" who got onto the White House grounds after climbing a fence on the east side of the property while Trump was inside the executive mansion. Tran is a San Jose State University graduate. When an agent questioned the intruder, he said he was Trump's friend and had an appointment. He was charged with entering restricted grounds while carrying a unsafe weapon.

The White House's south entrance is often used to greet VIP guests, such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month.

The intruder was arrested on the south grounds without incident, the agency said.

Tran will appear in DC court for a second time on Monday, and he has now been pictured in a courtroom sketch.

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The Secret Service said the breach into the south grounds of the White House happened at about 11:38 p.m. At a Saturday lunch, the president thanked the Secret Service.

According to Secret Service officer Wayne Azevedo, in a complaint filed in US District Court, in the letter, "Tran mentioned Russian hackers and said he had information of relevance". He was carrying two cans of mace as well as a USA passport, a computer and one of the president's books, authorities said.

In the September 2014 White House intrusion, the most serious of the recent security incidents, an Army veteran carrying a knife climbed the fence and pushed his way inside the building before he was stopped.

Representatives for Tran could not be immediately reached for comment.

Suspect arrested after intrusion into White House grounds