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Trump, Merkel meeting postponed due to weather

14 March 2017

Some analysts believe the leaders will "skirt around the Russia issue" during the meeting, though one administration official told Bloomberg on Friday that "Trump wants to hear Merkel's views on dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin and on prospects for peace in eastern Ukraine".

Mr Trump will be "candid" with Angela Merkel about the need to reduce America's trade deficit with Germany when the two meet in Washington next week, in what will be the United States president's first meeting with a world leader of whom he has been critical.

Trump has been vocal about his opinions about Merkel, whose support for accepting Syrian refugees had been called as "insane", and "ruining Germany" in a tweet by Trump. Tomorrow they meet in the White House.

South Korean court to rule on president's impeachment over corruption charges
In a letter to the court, she apologized for her "carelessness" but said she never sought personal gain. Park was impeached by parliament in December and stripped of her powers pending the court's ruling.

Trump referred to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as "obsolete" prior to his inauguration.

"Merkel and Trump really are the polar opposite of each other on so many levels". The same itinerary will occur on Friday, Spicer told reporters at the White House.

The two also differ on immigration policies - she slammed his ban on citizens from mainly-Muslim countries, while he criticised as "catastrophic" her liberal refugee stance that led more than a million asylum-seekers into Germany. Aides say Merkel has read so much about the president that she can "quote interviews Trump has given from memory", according to The Daily Telegraph. Trump vowed during his campaign to withdraw from the climate agreement, suggesting that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese to hurt US competitiveness. Trump has been flattering but also harshly critical of Merkel. But the administration said it is still formulating its policy on the issue ahead of the G7 meeting in Italy in May and the G20 gathering in Germany in July.

Trump, Merkel meeting postponed due to weather