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SAP to offer its business apps on Google Cloud

10 March 2017

At its Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco today, the technology giant announced a new Windows partner program created to assist companies with Windows environments migrate to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google's cloud business, recalled that Disney spoke at last year's conference "when they were just dabbling in the cloud".

In recent times, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has helped Google in launching innovative products and services for multiple industries.

But these were brought to an end at Google's Cloud Next conference on Wednesday. The company also is moving ahead with other machine learning projects, including an API providing intelligence for video. This is because right now it is enterprise-centric deep learning feature built on frameworks which will help firms to look into their stored videos and extract metadata. So, if you were a bystander at a marathon capturing race participants with your smartphone, the Cloud Video Intelligence API might tag a verb such as "running".

Google has acquired Kaggle, a data science platform originally started in Australia by federal government economist and Melbourne university student, Anthony Goldbloom. Nowak writes that companies continue to adopt Google Cloud because of cost savings (vs. on-premise infrastructure), as he learned through presentations and offline conversations (from start-ups to developers to Home Depot (HD)/eBay (EBAY)/Disney(DIS)).

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The new API was built to help understand the overall content in videos, and extract actionable insight from that data. Customers will be able to explore how machine learning can solve their specific use cases, while getting trained on the principles of machine learning and how to use Cloud Machine Learning Engine, which is Google's fully managed service for building and training machine learning models at scale.

Google and SAP have entered into a deal that will see SAP services delivered over the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google's machine learning technology integrated in the German software giant's applications. In another demo, the presenter searched for "beach" and was presented with multiple videos that included beach scenes.

Cloud Language can transcribe text in over 80 languages and detect inappropriate content. Users can then analyze the text output with other machine learning APIs from Google.

Machine learning and AI will be a key tool in Google's box as it looks to grow its cloud capabilities and differentiate itself from its larger competitors.

Developers on Google Cloud will have a window into the SAP world, Agarwal stated. "We're here for real", Schmidt said. "You have better uses of your money".

SAP to offer its business apps on Google Cloud