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Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers work with the PC, too

07 March 2017

Certainly some users have gotten consoles that turned out to have more than few stuck pixels, but we don't yet know how Nintendo is dealing with the problem in the United States or across the pond.

According to dbrand, the coating on both the Nintendo Switch and the Joy-Cons begin to peel off after a few cosmetic skin applications.

That Breath of the Wild was Switch's most popular software during its launch weekend came as little surprise to anyone who has followed the game. On the surface, it seems like the Switch has enjoyed a successful launch so far, and now GameStop is offering some insight as the USA's largest video game retailer. The entire system can mount into a dock and be played on a TV or screw (through an HDMI cable), or you can play on the go with the screen and controllers wherever. As discovered by French site Nintendo Actu (via The Verge), they'll pair up with PCs through Bluetooth in basically the same way as the Pro, although you'll need a separate app, like JoyToKey, to map the buttons. For WIndows and Android devices, you have to use something like JoyToKey in order to set up key bindings while on Mac, the Joy-Cons are natively recognised as Bluetooth controllers. A check of Craigslist found several of the consoles for sale, but you are going to pay a premium.

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Polygon also stated in another report that Target will sell the Nintendo Switch on the Launch date without any Pre-Orders. If you're hoping to get your hands on the Nintendo Switch on launch day this Friday, it's time to come up with a plan.

Nintendo is hoping to capitalize on the hype of its newly released console to get players to pick up Miitomo again. For a company with that as its main selling point, it was odd that the Wii U's big Nintendo-franchise launch title was a 2D Mario sequel, New Super Mario Bros.

Overall, the Switch is a good console for the price, and it has the potential to be a game changer in the gaming industry for the near future.

Overall, Switch is durable and the video makes one thing clear.BUY A CASE (example) AND SCREEN PROTECTOR (like this one).