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Brother-in-law 'admits killing family-of-four over inheritance' in France

07 March 2017

The brother-in-law of a missing French couple has confessed to killing them and their two adult children with a crowbar, then dismembering the corpses, over an old inheritance dispute, authorities said Monday. They said there had been signs of attempts to clean it up.

His DNA is said to have been found at their home.

With police attention focusing on the son, who had a previous conviction for making death threats on his blog, attentions suddenly turned to Pascal's sister and her husband, who were arrested over the weekend.

Investigators have also found Sebastien's vehicle, while a jogger discovered items belonging to Charlotte in a forested area three hours from where she was last seen.

Traces of blood from the parents, Pascal and Brigitte, and from son Sebastien, 21, were found on the staircase and ground floor during an initial search February 23 in the parents' home in Orvault, a suburb of Nantes. French media say items belonging to the family were found there.

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In a search of the house of the family's researchers found bloodstains fitting the DNA of Sebastien and the parents, but not of the daughter.

Officers also discovered traces of Sebastien's and his parents' blood, but not Charlotte's.

The sister and brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec, one of the missing, have been detained in the city of Brest, where several items belonging to the family have been found. They had already been questioned by police at the beginning of the investigation, AFP news agency reports, citing unnamed sources.

A day earlier, a social security card and a pair of pants belonging to Charlotte had been found by a jogger in a forested area near Brest.

Brother-in-law 'admits killing family-of-four over inheritance' in France