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Theresa May to warn SNP to stop playing politics over Brexit

05 March 2017

Mrs May declared: "The United Kingdom we cherish is not a thing of the past, but a Union vital to our prosperity and security, today and in the future".

As Reuters reported on February 10, according to a senior British minister, Britain saw no need for a second Scottish independence referendum and the devolved Scottish government should focus on improving the economy and tacking domestic issues rather than "flirting with secession".

"The Prime Minister is rightly saying that Nicola Sturgeon hasn't shown that she has got public support for a second independence referendum".

May, during her address at the Scottish Conservative Party conference in Glasgow on Friday, accused Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish National Party (SNP) government of being "obsessed" with pushing for the independence of the country.

"We can not allow our United Kingdom to drift apart". He said: "The Scottish government has a cast-iron democratic mandate for an independence referendum if that is the chosen route to protect those interests".

"A tunnel vision nationalism, which focuses only on independence at any cost, sells Scotland short", May said.

Mrs May said she is "looking very closely" at the document, adding that she intends to create a "good trade agreement that works for the whole of the United Kingdom, but crucially a trade agreement that works for Scotland as well".

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"For too long a feeble and incompetent Scottish Labour opposition did nothing to scrutinize the SNP for their failures", she said.

"As we bring powers and control back to the United Kingdom, we must ensure that right powers sit at the right level to ensure our United Kingdom can operate effectively and in the interests of all of its citizens, including people in Scotland".

Downing Street is already preparing for another vote on Scotland's future - and Mrs May's speech could be taken as the opening salvo of a battle which, alongside Brexit, may shape politics north of the border for years.

Ahead of the PM's speech, Sturgeon told Bloomberg: "The Scottish government's approach since the European Union referendum has been to offer compromise and to seek consensus at every turn".

The Prime Minister also claimed that it is "very clear" the Scottish people don't want an independence referendum.

"While the SNP propose that decision-making should remain in Brussels, we will use the opportunity of Brexit to ensure that more decisions are devolved back into the hands of the Scottish people".

This is while, Scottish voters overwhelmingly voted in last year's European Union referendum to remain a part of the 28-member bloc.

Theresa May to warn SNP to stop playing politics over Brexit