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Medical group warns against teen use of marijuana

02 March 2017

It further states that teenagers' brains are still developing, and marijuana can cause "abnormal and unhealthy changes" and put them at risk for addiction, depression and psychosis.

The AAP recommends that doctors urge parents not to use pot around their kids.

"Marijuana is not a benign drug, especially for teens".

Parents may indulge themselves-or have fond memories of getting high in their youth-but they should still treat childhood and teen marijuana use as a serious problem, according to an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) report released yesterday. Although these laws, for the most part, have not targeted the adolescent population, they have created an environment in which marijuana increasingly is seen as acceptable, safe, and therapeutic.

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With about 20 percent of high school students using marijuana, experts said it's critical for parents and pediatricians to discuss the dangers with kids. The recently published technical report provides the detailed evidence and references regarding the research on which the information in this clinical report is based. This is particularly important because most states have legalized medical use for adults, and many have decriminalized or legalized adults' recreational use. Doctors can identify whether the teens are using marijuana on regular basis or the teen are having substance abuse disorder, it could be cured with medical treatment. In addition, many states have reduced penalties for the recreational use of marijuana; criminal penalties have been reduced from felonies in some cases to misdemeanors or infractions.

Marijuana use is legal in a number of states, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada, Maine and the District of Columbia. It's now more concentrated, increasing the risk, the academy says, of overdose and addiction.

The adverse effects of marijuana have been well documented.