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Everything you need to know about Pancake Day

02 March 2017

"We like to eat here at the Seniors Centre and ringing in Shrove Tuesday is a lovely excuse", said Beverley Nurden with a laugh.

The 28 February was no ordinary day for children across the land who had their tastebuds tingling for this year's annual pancake day.

Traditionally on Shrove Tuesday Christians use up food that would not be eaten during Lent, which was a time for fasting and penance. In most of the world, observing Shrove Tuesday means a Carnival, or Mardi Gras, a day of processions, costumes, feasting, dancing and music.

Bord Bia believes that personal preference makes the flawless pancake, with sweet and savoury options available.

An impressive 70% will make their pancakes from scratch with 20% relying on a ready mix, 6% using ready-made pancakes and 4% enjoying pancakes outside the home in a restaurant or café. Last year, Shrove Tuesday was on February 9.

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The Cosy Club, which possesses a rich interior of traditional English furniture and 1920's America, is arguably the most scenic place to devour this Pancake Day; the restaurant can be found on Bennett's Hill, disguised by the traditional architecture of an old bank. Flour represents "the staff of life", eggs represent "creation", salt symbolizes "wholesomeness" and milk represents "purity", according to Historic UK. On 38 per cent, lemon and sugar is the nation's favourite topping followed by maple syrup on 20 per cent and chocolate spread on 15 per cent.

It seems that anything you have for dinner could be used to create a savoury reimagination of the next day's pancakes: leftover bolognaise for a mince pancake, pesto, ham and leftover vegetables for a lovely green pancake or you could even try making a chicken stir fry pancake.

Almost 300 of you voted in our poll, with 58 per cent of voters opting for sugar and lemon as their topping of choice.

Another way the British typically celebrate the holiday is with pancake races.