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Bachelor Nick Viall Sends Corinne Olympios Home: Best Twitter Reactions

02 March 2017

After the episode aired, Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to she of the platinum vageen by running a memoriam clip of some of Corrine's greatest hits, including her telling the other women about her nanny Raquel, taking off her bikini top during a group date, straddling the bachelor in a bounce house, and squirting whipped cream on her breast while wearing nothing but a trench coat. Who the heck can say with these two?!?

'I think people saying that I used sex or my sexuality to get roses is just stupid, ' she explained. "But who knows, you never know what they're going to do", she said.

Raven Reveals a Very Private Secret to Nick: While on their romantic date in Finland, Raven shares intimate details of her sexual history with Nick after accepting the fantasy suite invitation. Be the worst person imaginable on camera and things will work out.

All told, Nick handled this conversation pretty well, but when it came time for words of affirmation, things went. much worse. To me, it feels like she's very calculated yet amusing, like she was playing a caricature of a Bachelor contestant and doing it on goal. When the time came, the man did not make it easy on her.

"My message is to [the haters], is that, 'Listen, I'm sorry that I did something to make you that upset, but I can't make the world happy". "Are you a awful person?"

Nick. She's getting there, man. Maybe don't fish for it right now! I got into bed with my laptop, opened up an ABC live stream and began watching The Bachelor.

Sweden doesn't recognize 'national security adviser' interviewed on Fox News
Swedish military and foreign-affairs officials said they have no knowledge of the man, who goes by Nils Bildt . He is a founding partner in an worldwide consulting company, Dagens Nyheter reported .

From here, Raven launched into an adorably nervous explanation of how she feels about Nick, interspersed with occasional gulps of wine to keep the flow going, before confirming that, yes, she does in fact love him.

"I would've loved to be the Bachelorette and I would always love to be the Bachelorette. And The Right Reason, frankly, for going on television and dating the same guy as 20 some odd other women is to bring us unbelievable television, which leads me to believe Corinne, more than anyone else, is There For The Right Reason". But I will never kiss up to a man ever again in my life.

Andi and Nick Talk Sex, Regrets and Fantasy Suites: After surprising Nick at his hotel in New York City, Andi gets straight to the point and asks Nick if he's going to have sex with any of the remaining women.

"If anyone tries to give me red roses again I might punch them in the face."

You really can't write reality television. If your reaction to hearing "I love you" is a wooden recitation of your general understanding that words are usually motivated by feelings, you're either a sociopath, or it's time for you to move on.