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Meet the Smiling Crew of 'Alien

25 February 2017

Released months ahead of Covenant, "Last Supper" takes full advantage of audiences' familiarity with the larger Alien franchise to repeatedly tease potential trouble ahead in the most obvious of places. While the the prologue does not feature any chestbursting (or backbursting) incidents, it's an exceptional way to introduce us to the crew of the ship, including the franchise's first LGBT characters, without spoiling any juicy details from the movie itself. But it's not actually a scene from the movie - it's a short film called Prologue: Last Supper and it's directed by Luke Scott, the son of director Ridley Scott. Now, we can see them feast on the fine meal in the below clip. Let's talk about it after everyone has had a chance to watch it. On a different angle, the team in the very first movie was always a whisker away from killing each other, a thrilling dynamics that helped give the iconic movie such an unnerving and bleak vibe. The two arm-wrestled and shared a kiss. "[But] then they also did Alien vs. Predator, after which I thought, 'Uh-oh, that's it.' I waited a couple of years, I went back and made a decision to resurrect it". "Covenant is really going to show you who did it and why". Billy Crudup's role isn't totally clear, but he seems to be the resident kiss-ass, and it is obvious he's no fan of McBride. But they also seem totally uncool with Tennessee's drinking and gambling and general loudness, so they may just be a bunch of prudes.

If you saw Prometheus, you probably realize that there's one familiar face in the crowd: Michael Fassbender. This is required viewing before the film is released on May 19. While David looked like he was modeled after David Bowie, Walter looks far more blue collar and approachable, with a gruff, American accent instead of a posh English one. If only she'd thought to add, "Nah, on the other hand, I totally want us all to have really great vacations together where the most unsafe thing is the possibility of getting bad sunburns".

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It's about time the Alien series got an openly LGBTQ character.

Meet the Smiling Crew of 'Alien