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What's next for Derrick Lewis after knocking out Travis Browne?

24 February 2017

"It's not really hurting from the kick, I just gotta boo boo".

Lewis had been intending to take a bit of a break after the fight anyway, having fought four times in 2016 before kicking off 2017 with the Browne fight.

Derrick Lewis is now on a six-fight winning streak in the UFC heavyweight division.

Lewis was then asked what adjustments he had to make going into the second round of the fight. A fight between Lewis and former champion and number-two ranked Cain Velasquez would be an interesting option to solidify one of their claims as the next contender. However, he took the opportunity to totally slam Travis Browne, and try to steal Ronda Rousey from him in the process.

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According to fantasy players, Lewis delivered just as expected, with 74 percent picking him to get the win over Browne, while a whopping 93 percent said he would finish the fight by knockout. He was never charged with a crime, but that didn't stop Derrick Lewis from slamming him about the incident when given the chance. "He call himself a man, but he likes to put his hands on women". So when (Lewis) landed the punch where (Browne) went out, he was able to land two more before I came in to stop the fight But, for sure, I should have stopped it a little earlier.

But the coup de grace came right after when he inquired as to the location of Browne's girlfriend, asking "Where's Ronda Rousey's fine ass at?"

The crowd was sent into an uproar after Lewis made these seriously fiery comment.

After Derrick Lewis knocked Browne out during the UFC Fight Night 105 main event, Lewis added insult to injury by bringing up past domestic-violence allegations against his fallen opponent, before calling out Rousey.