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Trump's Mass Deportation Plan Comes into Focus in DHS Memos

24 February 2017

Parents and other adults who helped children immigrate to the USA without documents could also be subjected to deportation or prosecution under these mandates, reports The Hill.

The new DHS memos are meant to implement Mr Trump's immigration actions as well as enforce existing immigration law.

DHS said it will leave in place the Obama administration's protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children, also known as DREAMers, and undocumented immigrants whose children are US citizens or legal permanent residents. DACA has deferred deportations for people who came to the USA illegally as children and has provided work permits to more than 750,000 immigrants.

Two memos issued by DHS Secretary John Kelly order border patrol and immigration officers to deport as quickly as possible any illegal immigrants they find, with only a few exceptions, principally children.

Immigrant rights groups have expressed concern that the new policies will lead to widespread enforcement raids and abuses by federal authorities as they seek to ramp up deportations of the nation's 11 million immigrants without documentation. But they make clear that ICE agents should also arrest and initiate deportation proceedings against any other undocumented immigrant they encounter.

The new policies call for the hiring of thousands of additional federal agents and enlisting local law enforcement to expedite arrests.

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The new rules would subject undocumented immigrants who can not show they have been in the country for more than two years to "expedited removal".

US Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday officially laid out the Trump administration's plans for enforcement of immigration laws. These two memos provide explicit guidance to DHS staff on how to carry out two executive orders signed by the president on January 25th, one dealing with interior enforcement and one dealing with border security.

The new guidelines has sparked more fear and uncertainty in the immigrant community.

Trump, though, is not using the military to deport undocumented immigrants.

"The message from this White House and the Department of Homeland Security is that those people who are in this country, who pose a threat to our safety, or who have committed a crime, will be the first to go".

Not only is DHS looking to increase the number of immigration officers, it is also interested in expanding the number of illegal aliens eligible for prioritized, fast-tacked deportation hearings. At present, only individuals taken into custody at the border who can not prove they have been in the U.S. for more than 14 days may be deported before a hearing.

Trump's Mass Deportation Plan Comes into Focus in DHS Memos